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28 July 2011

Ragusa SHWA regards various environment and areas of interest as Greenhouse, Orchard, Vineyard, Open field, Forestry, Landscape, Livestock, Building, Private and Public Green Areas, Irrigation and Sewage Treatment.

 Topics and Short Symposia

  1. Assistive Technologies
  2. WMSDs Work related Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
  3. Machine Milking, Animal Welfare, Sustainable livestock farming
  4. Work Organisation, Logistic in agro-food supply - chains
  5. Instrumentation, Equipment, Periodic Procedures and Tests
  6. Safety Health and Welfare in Building
  7. Automation, Remote Control, Robot and Innovative Vehicle
  8. Noise, vibration, dust, endotoxin, microorganism
  9. Occupational Health
  10. Impacts of crops and livestock productions
  11. Precision farming and traceability
  12. Effect of landscapes on human health and welfare
  13. Environment Safety and People Health Protection and Welfare

Ragusa SHWA encorages Authors to submit papers concerning all areas connected with SHW in Agriculture and Agro-food Systems, including animal welfare, with particular attention to integrated and interdisciplinary aspects.

Short Symposia

As concern the Shot Symposia, the discussion (30 min) will be after the oral presentations (10 min each). Authors that want to present an oral presentation in a Short Symposium must send a full paper (not an ext abs).

The Short Symposia selected until today deal with:

    1. Ergonomics and Musculo-Skeletal risks. In greenhouse, open field, animal husbandry, etc

    2. Animal Welfare, Machine Milking, Sustainable livestock farming.

    3. Automation, Remote Control, Robot and New Vehicle able to Increase safety. By remote control systems able to replace operators and/or put away operators and/or producing less risks factors as dust or noise or vibrations, etc

    4. Noise, vibration on field and in building. From machineries, farm animal houses, field procedures, handling of crops or residues, etc; production, emission, controls systems, health monitoring, abatement techniques, etc)

    5. Environment Safety and People Health Protection and Welfare. Strategies, technologies and machines able to increase people welfare by reducing the risks of environment pollution incluse dust, endotoxin, microorganism - contamination  and degradation in rural, urban and  sub-urban areas management.



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